Image Competition Results

2017 Results

November Results
Sierra Uhrich Mommy and Me 79
Nicole Sepulveda Newborn Naps 77
Lawrence Wolff Reluctant Spy* 81
Sierra Uhrich Safe in Daddy’s Hands 80
Weddings and Events
Nicole Sepulveda Just Waiting 79
Suzanne Hambleton Chocolate Decadence 79
Nicole Sepulveda Ride Share 78
Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Can You Hear the Flowers Singing 78
Sandra Harris Elemental Fire 78
Rafael Baez Hidden Moon 79
Sandra Harris King David 77
Rafael Baez Looking Up 81
Sandra Harris On the Road 79
Suzanne Hambleton Prepped for a Beating** 82
Nicole Sepulveda Sleepy Night Night Anytime Anywhere 77
Sierra Uhrich To Grandmother’s House We Go 79
Master Artist
Sierra Uhrich Gone Finshin 81
Best of Class: Open Illustrative Looking Up Rafeal Baez
Speaker’s Award: Looking Up Rafeal Baez
Best of Show: Gone Fishin Sierra Uhrich
(note:**indicates for judging only, no awards given)

October Results
Sierra Uhrich Old Life New Life 78
Sierra Uhrich Sweet as Lemonade 77
Pamela Engilis Forest Bride 77
Sierra Uhrich Eternity 77
Suzanne Hambleton Before the Fires 80
Open Illustrative
Suzanne Hambleton Colors of Autumn 81

Speaker’s Award:    Sierra Uhrich- Old Life New Life
Best of Show:    Suzanne Hambletion – Colors of Autumn 

September Results
Claire Toney Ashley 77
Sierra Uhrich Autumn Stroll 78
Nicole Sepulveda Expecting Clouds and Winds 80
Sierra Uhrich Garden Princess 80
Sierra Uhrich Goddess 80
Nicole Sepulveda Haunted 78
Traci Kinney James 76
Pamela Engilis Demure 78
Nicole Sepulveda Old Hollywood 79
Nicole Sepulveda Point the way to Happiness 78
Open Illustrative
Traci Kinney Fire and Ice 82
Suzanne Hambleton Summer’s Bounty 78
Master Artist
Sierra Uhrich Watching from the Shadows 81
Best of Class Portrait:  Garden Princess (Sierra Uhrich)
Speaker’s Award:    Watching from the Shadows (Sierra Uhrich)
Best of Show:    Fire & Ice (Traci Kinney)

July Results
Forest Fairy Sierra Uhrich 79
Girl with a Veil Antonio Elumba 79
Just Needed a Hat Jim Trapp 80
Redhead has fire in her soul & grace in her heart Trish Trammell 79 Wedding/Event
Mrs. Johnson Jim Trapp 81
Silver Bullet Bryan Phares 81
Open Illustrative
Autumn Abundance Suzanne Hambleton 80
Floral Pleasure Sandra Harris 77
Goal, Goal, Goal Jim Trapp 88
Plain and Simple Suzanne Hambleton 80
Road to Nowhere Bryan Phares 78
Take Flight Sierra Uhrich 80
Water Lily Illusion Sandra Harris 80
Master Artist 
Array of Orchids Suzanne Hambleton 78
Let It Burn Jim Trapp 82

May Results
Trish Trammel Blue 78
Sandra Harris Can I Trust You? 81
Adrienne Moore From Bud to Blossom 79
Nicole Sepulveda Painter Portrait 78
Dan Jones Quiet Confidence 77
Dan Jones Serenity 78
Adrienne Moore Simple Happiness 78
Sierra Uhrich Sun Kissed 80

Weddings and Events
Nicole Sepulveda Circle of Love 78
Nicole Sepulveda Feel Like Flying 80

Nicole Sepulveda Biker Babe 80

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris The Dark Side of the Morning 78

Master Artist
Sandra Harris An Illusion of Dance 77
Sandra Harris Fractured Identify 78
Sierra Uhrich Princess in the Meadow 80

Best of Class Portrait: Sandra Harris Can I Trust You?
Speaker’s Award: Sandra Harris Can I Trust You?
Best of Show: Sandra Harris Can I Trust You?

April Results
Nicole Sepulveda Blasted with Color 80
Nicole Sepulveda City Protector 79
Dan Jones Farm Girl 80
Dan Jones Grace 80
Linda Viglione My Flour Dance 79
Nicole Sepulveda Naiad and the Wolf 79
Dan Jones Poise 82
Kimberly Olker Spot 77

Weddings and Events
Nicole Sepulveda Rain or Shine 80

Open Illustrative
Suzanne Hambleton Couple of Boobies 79
Linda Viglione Finally Blooming 77
Suzanne Hambleton Lovely Lotus Blossom 83
Kimberly Olker Spring Blossom 77

Best of Class Portrait: Dan Jones Poise
Speaker’s Award: Suzanne Hambleton Lovely Lotus Blossom
Best of Show: Suzanne Hambleton Lovely Lotus Blossom





March Image Competition Results
Sierra Uhrich Baby Bear 80
Trish Trammell Blooming from Within 77
Trish Trammell Blue 77
Shannon Squires Toews Breath of Spring 81
Adrienne Moore Cossette 79
Kimberly Olker Just the Boys 77
Julia Jensen Lady in Waiting 78
Nicole Sepulveda Ruthless King 80
Nicole Sepulveda Scarlet Fever 77
Sierra Uhrich The Whimsy of Childhood 79
Trish Trammell Timeless Strength 79
Kimberly Olker Vineyard Spin 77

Wedding and Events
Adrienne Moore Last Moment 77
Nicole Sepulveda Pastel Getaway 80

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Catch of the Day 77
Kimberly Olker London Train Station 75
Kimberly Olker Sedona View 78
Suzanne Hambleton Stormy Seas 79
Suzanne Hambleton Turbulent Sky 79
Nicole Sepulveda Winter Warmth 80

Master Artist
Sandra Harris Face of Nature 80
Sandra Harris Floral Fantasy 76
Sandra Harris Illusion of Spring 78
Shannon Squires Toews Make My Song Take Flight 78
Shannon Squires Toews Some Bunny Loves You 81

Best of Class Portrait:Shannon Squires Toews Breath of Spring
Best of Class Open Illustrative: Nicole Sepulveda Winter Warmth
Best of Master Artist Shannon Squires Toews Some Bunny Loves You
Speaker’s Award: Sandra Harris Face of Nature
Best of Show: Shannon Squires Toews Some Bunny Loves You











Image Results February 2017
Nicole Spepulveda Flowers and Twirl 77
Alison Toon Gentleman of Sacramento 77
Kimberly Olker Margo 80
Shannon Squires The Eyes are Never Silent 80

Shannon Squires Try to Keep Up 80
Kimberly Olker Veiled Threat 76

Wedding Event
Sandra Harris At the Start of her Dream 75
Nicole Spepulveda Ravi 78

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris At the Gate 76
Suzanne HambletonParadise 81
Nicole Spepulveda Pegasus at Castle Moil 79
Sandra Harris Rainrops 79
Kimberly Olker Still Humming 78
Kimberly Olker This Buds for You 77

Sandra Harris Tortured 80
Dan Alexander Tunnel 76

Master Artist
Nicole Spepulveda Mermaid Lagoon 78

Best of Class Portrait: Shannon Squires The Eyes are never Silent
Best of Class Open Illlustrative: Suzanne Hambleton Paradise
Speaker’s Award: Shannon Squires The Eyes are Never Silent
Best of Show: Tie Shannon Squires The Eyes are never Silent
                         Tie Suzanne Hambleton Paradise

2016 Results

Image Results for November 2016

Shannon Squires Connection 80
Shannon Squires I’m Done! 79


Shannon Squires This Day Forward 76a_shannon-squires-toews_connection
Shannon Squires Waiting 77

Open Illustrative
James Johnson Dawn Patrol 80
James Johnson Harvest Moon 80
James Johnson New York Maple 77
James Johnson Sunset at Bryce 81

Speaker’s Award: S. Squires Connection
Best of Show: James Johnson Sunset at Bryce


Shannon Squires Bloom 78
Jim Trapp Fitness Warrior 78a_shannonsquires_harvest-winds
Shannon Squires Free Bird 80
Shannon Squires Harvest Winds 83
Trish Trammell Living Art 79
Trish Trammell Solace 82
Jim Trapp Tiffany’s Blue Bubble 80
Jim Trapp Untold Stories 81
Jim Trapp Thirty More Minutes 79
Jim Trapp Atitude, Steampunck Style! 79
Suzanne Hambleton Autumn on Fire! 79d_sandraharris_just-walking-in-the-rain
Suzanne Hambleton Fall Fashion Show 77
Sandra Harris Just Walking in the Rain 80
Jim Trapp Liv’n the Dream 79
Sandra Harris The City 76

Master Artist
Sandra Harris Dream Time 77
Shannon Squires If my baby wants the moon… 78
Jim Trapp Waiting for Alice 79

Model Paloozamp_mauricioromero_pinup
Jim Guiles In Amy’s Dreams 76
Suzanne Hambleton Let’s Have Some Fun 78
Mauricio Romero Pinup 79

Best of Class Portrait: S. Squires Harvest Winds
Best of Class Open/Ilustrative: S. Harris Just Walking in the Rain
Best of Show/Speakers Award: S. Squires Harvest Winds
Model Palooza Winner: Mauricio Romero Pinup


PortraitD_Suzanne Hambleton Summer Harvest copy
Shannon Squires …all you have to do is listen 78
Alan Jondle Lace 77
Jim Trapp Painted Lady 78
Jim Trapp Serenity or Sorrow 80
Shannon Squires Sorrow 78
Lavona Gelardi Summer Rose 77
Alan Jondle The Musician 77

Sandra Harris Fairytale Wedding Day 75
Jim Trapp Sunset Couple 78

Open Illustrative
Jim Trapp Along the River 78
Shannon Squires Innocence Lost 80
Suzanne Hambleton Summer Harvest 81
Sandra Harris The Silent Waves 76
Sandra Harris The Vacant Chairs 77

Master Artist
Sandra Harris Dance the Night Away 79
Jim Trapp Mermaid Dilemma 78
Jim Trapp Storytime Adventure 81

Best of Class Portrait: Jim Trapp Serenity or Sorrow
Best of Class Open Illlustrative: Suzanne Hambleton Summer Harvest
Speaker’s Award: Suzanne Hambleton Summer Harvest
Best of Show: Suzanne Hambleton Summer Harvest


Lavona Gelardi Beauty and the Twins 79
Steve Folino Jedi 78

Sandra Harris And the Groom Said ‘Hang Loose’ 76

Suzanne Hambleton Brewed to Perfection 81
Suzanne Hambleton Express Yourself 81
Suzanne Hambleton Red Red Wine 79
Steve Folino Reeser’s-The Official Potato Salad of America 77

Open IllustrativeA_Beauty and the Twins.jpg
Steve Folino Cuddly Teddy 78
Steve Folino Focused 83
Steve Folino Follow The Leader 82
Steve Folino My Ol’ Kentucky Home 78
Steve Folino Storm Warning 78
Steve Folino Tracking Prey 81

Master Artist
Sandra Harris Floral Perception 80
Sandra Harris Lost Boy from Neverland 79
Sandra Harris Variation of Childhood 80

Best of Class Open Illlustrative: Steve Folino Focused
Speaker’s Award: Lavona Gelardi Beauty and the Twins
Best of Show: Steve Folino Focused

Shannon Squires Toes Crocodile Tears 81
Dan Jones Modern Princess 80D_Harrier in Frost
Dan Jones The Farmer’s Daughter 79
Kimberly Olker The Final Game 78
Shannon Squires Toes Violets are Blue 81

Kimberly Olker Still Daddy’s Little Girl 76
Sandra Harris Tonight is my Night to Dance 76

Suzanne Hambleton Hot Enough for Icy Pops? 77
Suzanne Hambleton Summer Treat 83

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Can You Hear the Music? 76
Brigitte Clough Harrier in Frost 83
Kimberly Olker Save Some for Me 78
Kimberly Olker The Strong Survive 78

Master Artist
Sandra Harris Tortured 80

Best of Class Portrait: Violets Are Blue
Speaker’s Award 1: Harrier in Frost
Speaker’s Award 2: Tortured
Best of Show: Harrier in Frost

Sharon Benton 13 and Counting 81
Steve Folino Feed Me or Else 78
Kimberly Olker Forest Angel 78A_Sharon Benton_13 and Counting
Sharon Benton Sisters 79
Lavona Gelardi Spring Rose 78
Lavona Gelardi Sweet Inocence 78
Shannon Toews Wishing Wings 79

Sandra Harris Father-Daughter Dance 75
Jim Trapp Private Kiss 78
Sandra Harris Shoetip Detail 77

Steve Folino A Drop of Honey in Every Bite 76
Steve Folino Pinecroft Family of Fine Wines 81
Steve Folino This One’s for You 79

Open Illustrative
Suzanne Hambleton Cedar Creek Falls 79
Jim Trapp Early Spring 79
James Johnson Fall in the Tetons 79
James Johnson Heading for the Bar 79
James Johnson Old Number 40 80
Kimberly Olker Save Some for Me 79
Suzanne Hambleton Yosemite Valley Fog 80

Master Artist
Sharon Benton E is for Elizabeth 81
Sandra Harris Turtle in Motion 78
Sandra Harris White Horse 77

Best of Class Portrait: 13 and Counting
Best of Class Open Illlustrative: Yosemite Valley Fog
Speaker’s Award: Sisters
Best of Show: 13 and Counting

Levona Gelardi Classic Beauty 80
Rusty Kleine Cold but Determined 77

D_Suzanne Hambleton_Fall Harvest

Suzanne Hambleton Fall Harvest

Rusty Kleine Elegance 78
Steve Folino Grandma’s Attic 79
Steve Folino Hollywood Glamour 80
Steve Folino Midnight Melody 77
Trish Tremmell Red Hair – Don’t Care 83
Alan Jondle Stella 79
Alan Jondle The Bodybuilder 78

Rusty Kleine The Speech 77

Open Illustrative
Rusty Kleine Cold Mountain 81
Suzanne Hambleton Fall Harvest 83
Sandra Harris Night Vigil 78
Sandra Harris Riderless 80
Steve Folino She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain 80

Master Artist
Sandra Harris M is for Mexico 77
Sandra Harris Mixed Media 76

Best of Class Portrait: Red Hair – Don’t Care
Best of Class Open Illlustrative: Fall Harvest
Speaker’s Award: Fall Harvest
Best of Show: Fall Harvest

Rusty Kleine Endless Love 78
Jim Trapp Feeling the Burn 81
Steve Folino Hollywood Glamour 77
Christina Forehand I forgot my Halo 80
Lavona Gelardi Mahlika 78
Steve Folino Stoking the Firebox 78
Brigitte Clough Sweet Dreams 77
Lavona Gelardi Woodland Princess 80
Jim Trapp Years Fall Off with Every Mile I Ride 82

Suzanne Hambleton No Chocolates 78
Suzanne Hambleton Whole Wheat 81

Open Illustrative
Brigitte Clough Aerial Attack 85
Sandra Harris Closing In 78
Sandra Harris Italian Graffiti 76
Sandra Harris Out of the Depths 78
Sandra Harris Reflective Arches 77

Master Artist
Jim Trapp First Class Ticket 79
Steve Folino Smoke and Mirrors 80
Steve Folino The Ol’ Ballpark 76

Best of Class Portrait: Years Fall Off with Every Mile I Ride
Best of Class Open Illustrative: Aerial Attack
Speaker’s Award: Years Fall Off with Every Mile I Ride
Best of Show: Years Fall Off with Every Mile I Ride 

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Pelican Pointework by Wayne Hopkins


Mary Gromer Danza d’Amore 78
Jim Trapp Game On 77 78
Lavona Gelardi Girl in a Blue Dress 77
Sandra Harris Look to the Future 78
Sandra Harris Mirrow Image 76
Mary Gromer Pearls ‘n Lace 78
Fred Stephenson Tiny Dancer 76D_Jim Trapp_Circus Dreams

Mary Muehlenbruch Light of My Life 76

Open Illustrative
Bill Clough 17th Hole at the Ritz 78
Suzanne Hambleton Autumn Still Life 79
Fred Stephenson Ballerina 77
Wayne Hopkins Bring me a Tomato & Nobody Gets Hurt 80

Jim Trapp Circus Dreams 80
Wayne Hopkins Eastern Sierras Rock 78
Wayne Hopkins End of the Line 77
Brigitte Clough Guarding the Kill 80
Wayne Hopkins Misty Morning 79
Jim Trapp My Sarrow Bleeds 77
Brigitte Clough Neighborhood Watch 80
Sandra Harris Peaceful Harbor 77
Sandra Harris Window View 78
Master Artist
Jim Trapp Buffalo Dancer 80

Best of Class Portrait: Look to the Future
Best of Class Open Illustrative: Circus Dreams
Speaker’s Award: Bring me a Tomato & Nobody Gets Hurt
Best of Show: Circus Dreams

Fred Stephenson Macy 75
Trish Trammell Petals of Joy 77
Trish Trammell Revisiting Audrey Hepburn 78D_Brigitte Clough_Winter Hunter

Mary Muehlenbruch Beauty in the Light 76
Mary Muehlenbruch Thinking of You 80

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Alice doesn’t Live Here Anymore 76
Sandra Harris Give Me the Moon and the Stars 78
Sandra Harris Golden Dream 79
Sandra Harris Sunset Secrets 79
Brigitte Clough The Dance 80 81
Brigitte Clough Winter Hunter 85

Best of Class Open Illustrative: Winter Hunter
Speaker’s Award: The Dance
Best of Show: Winter Hunter

Sandra Harris Aloha Baby 77
Mary Muehlenbruch Made in the Shade 77D_Brigitte Clough_White Faced Ibis in flight
Mary Muehlenbruch On Their Way 78
Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Break Time 79
Bill Clough Pollination 78
Sandra Harris Splish Splash 79
Colleen Eberley Springtime Feast 81
Bill Clough The Flow 82
Wayne Hopkins The Rock and the Cresent 81
Brigitte Clough White Face Ibis in Flight 84

Best of Class Open Illustrative: White Face Ibis in Flight
Speakers Award: The Rock in the Cresent/White Face Ibis in Flight
Best of Show: White Face Ibis in Flight

Steve Folino Are We Done Yet 80
Steve Folino Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You 78
Steve Folino Gimmie the Night 78
Steve Folino I Wanna Be Loved By You 77
Jim Trapp Little Wrangler 82
Mary Muehlenbruch Crazy Little Thing Called Love 77starstruck
Mary Muehlenbruch The Look 78
Pamela Engilis We Are Family Now 77

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Balancing Act 77
Wayne Hopkins Star Gazer 80
Sandra Harris The Tower 76
Sandra Harris Washday Abstract 77
Master Artist
Jim Trapp Membership Benefits 81
Wayne Hopkins Slipping the Surely Bonds of Earth 77

Best of Class Portrait: Little Wrangler
Speaker’s Award: Little Wrangler
Best of Show: Star Gazer


Congratulations to Wayne Hopkins for winning the August image competition.
Below in his own words Wayne tells us how he created his masterpiece.

I decided to take my turn at photographing the Milky Way while the
bulbous bottom portion is still visible in the Northern Hemisphere.
While looking for interesting foreground objects, I tripped across one
of Elizabeth Carmel’s iconic shots of Bonzai Rock in Lake Tahoe and
realized it was facing in the right direction for a Milky Way image.
Using Stellarium and Photographers Ephemeris I discovered it was
perfectly situated for a Nautical Twilight shot of both the gibbous
moonset and later, the milky way….. Sweet. Google Earth helped me
figure out where to park and Viola, we were all set. After a lot of
light painting and adjusting I settled on this shot of my wife on a rock
gazing past Bonsai at the Milky Way.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D800, 24mm-70mm at 24mm, 13 sec exp, f2.8,
ISO3200. Lightroom helped with white balance, clarity, noise reduction,


Steve Folino Daddy’s Little Girl 80
Traci Kenney Dress Up Time 80
Christina Forehand Fresh Bounty 79
Traci Kenney Gerber Baby 78
Pamela Engilis Laying on Daddy 77D_WHopkins_Pelican_Pointework-
Steve Folino The Night is Young 80
Steve Folino When you say Nothing at All 80

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Here’s Looking at Ya 78
Sandra Harris Noon Break 80
Wayne Hopkins Pelican Pointework 82
Sandra Harris Shades of Grey 78
Sandra Harris Spot of Purple 78
Wayne Hopkins We built this City 80

Master Artist
Steve Folino She’s Gone Country 78

Best of Class Portrait: The Night is Young
Best of Class Open Illustrative: Pelican Pointework
Speaker’s Award: We Built This City
Best of Show: Pelican Pointework

Lavona Gelardi Grandmother’s Shawl 77
Camille Waters Sibling Bliss 77
Lavona Gelardi Simply Beautiful 79A_Steve Folino_The Kick
Steve Folino Spring Blossom 78
Steve Folino The Kick  80

Lavona Gelardi Mark your Calendar 78

Open Illustrative
Sandra Harris Back in a Minute 78
Sandra Harris Down the Line 78
Camille Waters Dreams of Long Ago 77
Sandra Harris Evening View 81
Colleen Eberley Lady Bug on Dried Flower 78
Sandra Harris Missing a Rider 77
Pamela Engilis Strolling in the Wake 77

Master Artist
Lavona Gelardi Dancing in the Sunlight 78

Best of Class Portrait: The Kick
Best of Class Open Illustrative:Evening View
Speaker’s Award: Back in a Minute 

Thomas Kuhl Captivating 78
Jordan Kreun Clockwork Profile 78D_Wayne Hopkins_Honeeey I'm Home
Thomas Kuhl Gamer 4 Life 77
Halmar Gomez Just Kicking it 78
Lisa Jesse Princess Lexi 77
Lavona Gelardi Rachael Diane 75
Lisa Jesse Scarlet 77
Jim Trapp The Proposal 76
Mark Coverdale Warmth of the Sun 76

Wayne Hopkins All Quiet of the Western Front 77

Open Illustrative
Wayne Hopkins Honeeey I’m Home 87
Katie Graves Kauai Sunset 81
Bill Clough Kirkwood Lake 78
Bill Clough Mammoth Trek 77
Camille Waters Mustang Wild 75
Brigitte Clough Says Phoebe in Flight 81
Wayne Hopkins Young Adventurer 79
Brigitte Clough Water on an Autumn Leaf 78

Best of Class Open Illustrative: Honeeey I’m Home
Speaker’s Award: Honeeey I’m Home
Best of Show: Honeeey I’m Home

Pamela Engils Allure 77
Traci Kinney Diva 78A_Jim Trapp_I'm not sleepy yet
Jim Trapp I’m not Sleepy Yet 81
Merrily Carter Puppy Love 78

Merrily Carter A Dream Come True 79

Wayne Hopkins The Longer You Look The More You See 80
Suzanne Hambleton Winter Fruit Bowl 80

Open Illustrative
Wayne Hopkins Better Call Triple A 75
Jim Trapp Two Sisters 82
Wayne Hopkins Which Way to Sacramento 79

Master Artist
Jim Trapp Dragon Huntress 80
Traci Kinney Intensity Defined 78

Speaker’s Award: I’m Not Sleepy Yet
Best of Show: I’m Not Sleepy Yet


Hello this is Colleen Eberley, your PPSV image competition chairperson. We just had our big “Kick Off” party this January where our members choose their favorite Best of Show image of 2014.

The award went to Brigitte Clough for “Morning Flight.”
Below Brigitte details, in her words how she created this amazing work of art.D_Brigitte Clough_Morning Flight

When I go into the field I never say “I’m going to get an image of ?” Rather, I let nature come to me. Before I leave the house I make sure my camera is set and ready to go. It is placed on the seat next to me in the car. Next, I make sure my tripod is extended and ready to go. I want to be able to pull it out and place the camera on it as quickly as possible. No fumbling around with the legs.

The morning I shot “Morning Flight”, it was cold and foggy. I drove out to Consumnes Wildlife Refuge. I drive slowly, looking for cranes or wildlife that are close enough for me to capture a great image.
This particular morning, I spotted the four cranes. I pulled over, shut the engine off and waited a few minutes. I crawled over the seat and slowly opened the backdoor, stepped out using the door as a blind and set up the tripod. I shot several images before one of the cranes gave the signal to fly. (One crane will lean forward). The sun broke through the fog just before they took off and then moments later the Sandhill cranes lifted off, flying towards me. Panning, I placed one focal point on the head of the crane nearest to me and was able to shoot several frames before they veered off.

Camera Canon
Lens 500 mm f4
Focal length 700 mm
Aperture f/8.0
Iso 800
Shutter speed 1/500
White Balance custom
Temperature 5950 K
Exposure -0.25

Preparation, patience, and knowledge of your subject are keys to success.

Brigitte Clough