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Our  next meeting is
Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at the Sacramento Board of Realtors.












“PMS” – Passion, Motivation & Suitcase for Success with Sharon Lobel

Sharon Lobel will dig deep into your passion and encourage you to find out what motivates you!  Her “Suitcase for Success” is full of ideas from photographing insects to mountains and sharing her best tools and tricks while in the field traveling locally and abroad.

  • Discuss what your passion is for photography.
  • How & why did you become a photographer?
  • Where do you find your passion in photography.
  • What is motivation?
  • What motivates you to take a photograph?
  • How does your passion for photography play a big part in your motivation to be a photographer.
  • One’s definition of success.
  • Tools for success no matter where you travel.
  • Tricks right out of your kitchen into your back pack.
  • What to pack for a photography camping trip or traveling abroad.You won’t want to miss this outstanding presentation.
    And the next day Karen Nakamura, along with Sharon, will hold a workshop on Floral Creativity.
    If you’ve seen Karen’s work you know this gal has a lot to offer both in photographic ability and creative imagination. This workshop will get your creative juices going. Plan to attend on Thursday, March 16.

In this Workshop Karen will show how she creates the floral art that garnered her four International Imagining Competition Loan Collection images. In her workshop she will start at the very beginning as we use our cameras and tripods to capture the images we will manipulate in Photoshop using layers and textures.