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Our  next meeting is
Wednesday, May 17 , 2017, at the Sacramento Board of Realtors.

Fine Art Animal Portraiture

Barbara Brady-Smith, M.Photog. CR, CPP, will share insights from her journey from a banking executive to Master Photographer of dogs, cats, horses and other fuzzy, feathery and scaly things!

Are you ready to successfully incorporate pets into your photo sessions or even take great portraits of your own pets?  This is the evening for you! Learn from a multiple award winning pet photographer who will share what she has learned since she launched her niche business 6 years ago.

  • Learn how to prepare for a session, handle the most rowdy of critters, and pose pets and people with their furry loved ones.
  • Understand what camera settings are best for indoor and outdoor sessions, slow or fast pets, and big or small ones
  • Learns some secrets to multiple pet sessions and how to recognize when pets have had enough
  • Post processing is key to perfecting these images and Barbara will share some great practices to remove leashes, clean up drool and loose hair, perfect eyes and coats, and incorporate textures and overlays in images. 
  • What sells?  Barbara will bring examples from her product line that clients love, describe her sales process from beginning to delivery and how she finds her clients. 
  • Finally, Barbara will share some exciting book projects she is working on including ” Hug Tails, Portraits of Therapy Pets” and “Flight!”

While mostly focused on dogs, this evening will include great tips for photographing cats, birds, bunnies and scaly things too. 

Don’t miss her all day workshop in Wilton on Thursday, May 18th to understand the fundamentals of horse photography.