Image & Gear Talk

Image and Gear Talk is a monthly PPSV Program.
Scheduled from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm, before the regular meeting, each month, PPSV members present, explore and discuss some of the latest, greatest and no so great products and topics of interest to photographers.
Come prepared to be involved in the discussions!

This month Traci will explore
Reception Lighting -Learn How to Create Beautiful Dimensional Lighting

Wedding season is just around the corner. Join us and learn how to create beautiful dimensional lighting. Dimensional lighting will add impact, create mood, and elevate your images to flatter your clients. Even if you are not a wedding photographer, these techniques can be used for any indoor lighting.

Last month we talked about on camera flash.
This month we will set up off camera flash units and learn about:

  • Light Placement for coverage and safety
  • Light Fall Off and how to control it
  • The best angle to create the most flattering light on your subject
  • Lighting details to make them have depth
  • Lighting the cake to give it dimension

Handouts will be provided.

See you there

Traci Kinney




Traci Kinney
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