Image & Gear Talk

Image and Gear Talk is a monthly PPSV Program.
Scheduled from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm, before the regular meeting, each month,
PPSV members present, explore and discuss some of the latest, greatest and no so great products and topics of interest to photographers. 

September’s Presentation is something special

Create Stunning Images with Gels


In this 30-minute demonstration we will discuss how to add gels to your photography to create a different look with your images.

Learn  About:

·      The different types of gel and when to use them

·      How to safely use gels so you don’t damage your flash units

·      What gels complement one another so your images look natural

·      How to use gels to emulate sunlight

·      Change your white balance to create dramatic effect

·      How to make daylight look like nighttime
Walk away inspired to create your own creative effects.