Image & Gear Talk

Image and Gear Talk is a monthly PPSV Program.
Scheduled from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm, before the regular meeting, each month,
PPSV members present, explore and discuss some of the latest, greatest and no so great products and topics of interest to photographers.
Come prepared to be involved in the discussions and learn

How to Turn Mixed Crappy Light into Beautiful Light
Have you ever walked in a room and it has multiple light sources and they are all different colors?  For example a room with florescent ceiling lights, tungsten table lights and window light that is reflecting green off the grass and trees.   Doing a custom white balance will not always solve the problem.   Join us and find out how to turn this mixed crappy lighting into beautiful light with your camera and flash!
During this 30-minute presentation of Image and Gear Talk you will learn:
·      The characteristics of light and how to control them
·      What are your options and the pros & con’s of those options
·      Step-by-step process of how to easily dial in your camera settings
·      How to get consistent natural looking light
·      How to create dimensional lighting to make your images pop
Bring your cameras and flash units for this live demonstration so you can follow along!  Hand-outs will be provided so you’ll walk away with notes that you can refer back to.